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Frequently Asked Questions

What size of storage space will I need for my data?

This really depends on how much data you need to backup, the size of your files and what you are storing. Music files are anywhere from 3 to 4MBs and video files are anywhere from 5 to several MBs and digital photographs can be the same size as videos.

If you are storing a lot of data, you need to use one of the better plan of cloud storage ie:- Gold that offer unlimited storage space. 

What security aspects do you receive along with Spacium cloud?

There are mainly two security aspects of Spacium cloud, these are –

  • Authentication and authorization, and
  • Control of access.

The former allows only those users who are genuine, to access that data and applications. Whereas, the latter aspect permits the users to control the access of other users who may try to enter into the cloud environment.

Why get a domain name from Spacium?

Spacium technologies provides the best and affordable and trusted company for buying the domain. From Spacium , Buying the domain name is very easy with our domain search tool. So that, you can find the supreme website address for your business.

How does encryption keep data secure?

Basically, Encryption can help protect data you send, receive, and store, using a device. Before a file leaves the client computer for storage, it is encrypted using 256 bit private key, making it impossible for the storage nodes to make any sense of what is stored in their storage. It helps provide data security for sensitive information.

Is Spacium technologies provides decentralized cloud storage?

Yes, Spacium technologies is the leading decentralized cloud storage platform.

In simple terms, decentralized cloud storage is the storage system where data is stored on multiple computers or servers and these servers are hosted by the people or companies which are taking part in this decentralized cloud.It is a also called as P2P (peer-to-peer) decentralized cloud storage solution.

What are the benefits of Spacium Decentralized cloud storage?

Some benefits are:-

  • Peer to Peer system
  • Provides data security by encrypting the files during transmission and when stored.
  • High data redundancy
  • Flexible load balancing
  • Less expensive as compared to traditional cloud storage.
  • Higher Availability
What makes Spacium web hosting the world leader?

Spacium is known as the ”Welcome to the World Web Hosting”. Spacium has good experience in all provided services. The two main reasons why makes Spacium web hosting the word leader are:-

1. Our 24/7 Award Winning support

2. 30 days Money back Guarantee

How do I get a copy of my invoice?

If you pay by credit card, receipts are automatically emailed to the “Bill to” address we have on mail. If you use another method of payment, we’ll email your invoice prior to the due date outlined in your contract.

What is the meaning of the word "Lightning Fast"?

Lightning Fast:-

Due yo the global spread of nodes, , your data will be stored at the most nearest possible nodes, which reduces the latency and hence making the network lightning fast for both storage and retreivals

Why i create Spacium online ticket?

Create a ticket for any issue you are facing, or one of our team members can create it for you, Our support team will help you with you issue until you are satisfied.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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24/7 Award Winning Support

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