Due to the novel coronavirus [ COVID-19 ] people’s lifestyle has been changed and for maintaining social distancing as a preventative measure as all are very conscious about their health. Due to COVID-19, the grocery store’s work has been changed to maintain the instructions of the ministry of health affairs to provide safe handling, storing as well as delivering the grocery.  

Earlier, everyone wanted to visit stores to buy a grocery but due to the complete lockdown of two months, we got an opportunity for serving orders to customer doorstep thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

As you know earlier there are very few online grocery stores which are available but now small grocery stores are serving home deliveries. You can order groceries from a spacium store for online grocery shopping and get fresh groceries at the doorstep.

We discuss some benefits of online benefits of grocery shopping during novel coronavirus:

1.      Saves time: As today’s lifestyle is busy. So, online shopping can save your time as you can prepare the list of items you want and simply add them to the cart and place orders easily anywhere and everywhere [ even order on your smartphones ] instead of visiting grocery stores in the pandemic.

2.      Delivery options: You can get orders delivered as per your preferences as options are provided as next day delivery, or some stores provide the facility of delivery in a few hours, etc. As the online stores are available 7 days a week So, no worry about holidays.

3.      Safe: As online grocery shopping is safe for customers as well as for employees also as the crowd is less, as well as all stores, are properly well sanitized.

4.      Fresh groceries: All fresh groceries are delivered to the customers as proper rules and regulations of local bodies are followed by the stores. People can trust online grocery shopping as in any case if they got an expired item it will be returned easily.

5.      Doorstep delivery: Whether you are a working person or not online grocery shopping provides you a door to doorstep delivery without any disturbance. You just need to order on the website or application and pay.

6.      Online transactions: As you know for taking preventative measures for the virus to maintain social distancing online payments modes are provided to you by spacium stores. You can pay via. spacium wallet [ easy to set up ]. As nowadays most customers prefer online payments.

So, order grocery via. Spacium store and get deliveries fast as well as safe. Hope you will provide an opportunity for us to serve you.