Due to the coronavirus [ COVID-19 ], the pandemic lifestyle of the people has changed and peoples depend upon the online grocery shopping for maintaining social distancing. Because of the safety, the Government of India has decided to lay complete lockdown throughout the country. People visit the grocery store for buying essential things but people who are connected with the virus and quarantined for them online grocery store has proved a blessing for quarantined as they don’t have to visit the store and get essential items at their doorstep.

As per the retail.com economic times, one-third of Indian shopkeepers shifted to newer merchants for grocery needs. Due to the increase in demands of grocery online shopping the product availability shortage occurs but it might be a delay in delivery sometimes but most orders are delivered on time.

Spacium grocery stores describe to you why online grocery shopping is a blessing for the quarantined:

1.      Safety: Peoples who are quarantined are not able to go out of their homes. For ensuring the safety of grocery shopping Ministry of health as well as World health organizations has given instructions to online grocery stores to the main hygienic environment. All products are well sanitized as well as all products are fresh as to maintain extra care. That way, you may face a delay in delivery as a one-day delivery option is disabled from many online grocery shopping applications.

2.      Fresh stock: In the view of the safety from virus fresh stocks are available at the spacium store as well as follow up the instructions of the Government. Vegetables, fruits, etc. are delivered fresh and So, then why go anywhere else just ordered by a spacium store.

3.      Easy access: Everyone has an internet connection at their homes and people can easily decide at their houses what they want in their kitchen. The online grocery shopping platform is running smoothly.

No need to worry Spacium stores are properly sanitized as well as our delivery partners are taking precautions.