Coffee is the go-to beverage for many but some don’t drink it due to some reasons. But we always order beverages online of the different brands. As you know coffee has many benefits but it also has an adverse effect on the body. Some effects are as follows:

[a] High dose can kill you [ more than 23 liters]

[b] Cause Insomnia

[c] Cause restlessness

[d] Increase blood pressure

[e] Bedwetting in kids

 Spacium store introduces you to some healthy drinks or alternatives for coffee. But we are not saying that you should completely avoid coffee but at least instead of coffee, you can try out healthy drinks. Some drinks are as follows:

[a] Probiotic drinks

[b] Coconut water

[c] Green tea

[d] Hot apple cider

[a] Probiotic drinks: Probiotic drinks are a combination of live bacteria or yeast present in your body. As per the research, probiotic drinks are goods for a healthy intestine. It helps Diarrhea, yeast infections, gum diseases, etc. Stocks are available, hurry up and order it.

[b] Coconut water: Coconut water is naturally sweet in taste. It is free of calories, fat as well as cholesterol. Nowadays demands of coconut water are high as it is a good source of various nutrients, preventing kidney stones, heart health, etc. These are available in the form of powders or instant drinks by some brands. We have fresh coconut stocks and hurry up and order it.

[c] Green tea: It is the very popular tea used in your homes made up of Camellia Sinensis leaves and it is offered by many brands. It is very healthy as it contains bioactive compounds, fat burning, control cancer, etc. It is also available at our store you can order it.

[d] Hot apple cider: It is a perfect drink in winters specially, as it is sweet in taste along with maple syrup, orange jest and black. It is a very popular drink across the globe as it helps in digestion, low blood sugar levels, reduce fat, etc. It is available at the store you can order it.

We are continuously adding more products for improving our services. Home delivery facilities are available.