The year 2020 is not so good as it brought the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. Instead of pandemic and its confusions as uncertainties, the 2020 year for the cloud. Some of you will be happy to know even after the pandemic enterprises rushed for cloud safety, improving the ability of the computing process as well as agility.

But in the cloud architecture, there are still obstacles that should be discussed with you. Here are the architecture problems in the cloud which I should have to resolve yet. The problem is as follow:

[a] Edge details and experts tiering challenges.

[b] True federated multi-cloud security challenges.

[a] Edge details and experts tiering challenges: For the tiered architecture first we need acceptable technologies as well as procedures to know where to place the details and expert base and close hyper-scale. This is an easy challenge for knowing the proper details of workload necessities as well as deciding to tier properly. After that number of edges, units have to grow exponentially, naturally for the development of edge unit details. The dynamic tactic is needed which utilizes the automation to migrate the details as well experts base as essentials.

[b] True federated multi-cloud security challenges: Cloud security architecture is forced to use cloud-native security which is offered from all cloud providers which makes them an extra function by secops staff. As this is an extra function for providers so it may be composed of them but you know compromise can lead to danger. Consider IAM [ id and obtain administration ] will ability withstand security challenges as they know the multi-cloud is their upcoming and establish all patterns of security to span clouds.

Hope we are able to provide you brief information about the architecture cloud problems which have been obstacles for the cloud.